About Us

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Our teachers

Nicole completed a Bachelor of Music Studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, majoring in violin. After graduating, she studied violin with Vincent Edwards, and later viola with Robyn Brookfield and played with SYO. In 2020, she studied viola performance in New York under the guidance of Sophie Arbuckle and Amy Dahm Huh. 

She holds a deep interest in pedagogy and aims to provide quality teaching to students so they may reach their best potential and produce a beautiful sound. Her passion for music and writing took her to the AYO ‘Words about Music’ program.


George’s musical passion was discovered at age 4, when he one day performed his sister’s melodies by ear on his keyboard. By 9, he had composed his first piece. George attended Sydney Conservatorium’s ‘Rising Stars’ program and received a distinction is his AmusA piano exam. He began his Conservatorium studies with piano performance, and now does viola performance with Stuart Johnson. 

George believes that a solid foundation in theory and technique are crucial in developing quality musical playing in students. He thinks that every music lesson and practise should be focused and purposeful, whilst maintaining love and enjoyment of music.

Our philosophy:

We believe that music teaching is an inspiring art; its mastery signalled by a balance between the skills and the passion. 

We thus aim to build the technical tools a student requires, whilst instilling a love for music. 

This can only happen in an environment where the student is nurtured and made to feel comfortable in their creative process. 

Our teaching philosophy covers three areas in particular: the technical, the mental and the musical.

The Technical

Developing a relaxed posture and good technical habits enable one to form a framework for strong, efficient playing. This is usually covered in warm-ups, scales and studies

The Mental

Learning how to problem solve and sight-read efficiently will help in the long run of an individual’s music learning, as one will be able to troubleshoot in their own practice.

The Musical

It is one thing to play the notes accurately, and another to use your technicality to express emotion and story-telling.