The piano is a great foundational instrument, and we often recommend young beginners that are unsure where to start, to start on the piano.

We recommend our students have a piano, or otherwise an 88-key heavy weighted piano at home. This will allow for the correct finger strength and postural habits to develop while practicing at home. 

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Violin or Viola

Although there are some exceptions, we usually accept violin students from age 5 as we have found the most effective learning occurs at 5 or older. 

I you’re a beginner, we have a full size violin available for trial lessons, otherwise we recommend renting or purchasing a violin. We are happy to help you with sizing questions (

Music Theory

Our private music theory tutoring can cover school/ HSC music content, composition, harmony and aural perception. 

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Quick FAQ

Our lessons have a $60/hr rate

Yes, we provide lessons on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime!

Our lessons are one-on-one and occur on a weekly basis. The standard lesson duration is 1-hour, and we recommend very young beginners start with 30-minute lessons.

Yes we do! We are registered Creative Kids providers